Grow your e-commerce store with Freighty

Reduce delivery issues

Increase conversions

Save time and money

Improve brand experience

Earn commissions

Reduce delivery issues and associated costs

Increase conversions and AOV

Improve customer brand experience

Earn commissions on policies sold

Quick and simple installation

Fully customizable design and layout

Save time and money

Freighty handles all the claims

What is Freighty?

Freighty is an App that allows your customers to easily add insurance to their cart at checkout.

Underwritten by Chubb - the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company - Freighty provides insurance to your customers at checkout helping you to increase conversions, reduce delivery losses and earn policy commissions - for FREE.

Save time and reduce headaches for you & your customers, while improving their brand experience. It’s the ultimate win-win and you can install it for free.

How it works

A simple 4 step process

1. Install

You install FREIGHTY

2. Checkout

Customers choose to add Freighty Shipping Insurence at checkout

3. Policy Issued

Customers receive an email or SMS with their policy and details

4. Claims filed

When necessary, customers file a claim and Freighty handles the whole process - fast approval process with approved claims being paid out within hours

Freighty integrations / Available for

Freighty works with any online store


This app is fantastic, it takes away the stress of losing an order in transit, and also provides an additional revenue stream for us!


Director Urban Plant Growers

We had a look at a few different options and chose Freighty because they answered all our questions quickly and it was easy to install on our website


Marketing Manager Auswide 4WD


Case Studies


How much does it cost?
Nothing, it’s FREE for you. Your customers pay the cost of the insurance.
What level of cover will my customer get?
The policies cover goods lost or damaged in transit up to the insured item’s value (maximum limit of AUD $5,000).
How much can I earn?
You will receive a commission of 5% of the gross premium for policies sold via a Shopify store and 10% from any non-Shopify store / Open API.
How will I get paid?
You will be paid instantly. BMS will then bill you for the remaining portion of the premium either at the end of each billing period (every 7 days), or when the premium share you have generated equals or exceeds a AUD $20 threshold, whichever occurs sooner.
Will I need to manage anything with the Insurance?
No, we take care of everything for you. All you need to do is install the Freighty application and we take care of everything else.
Do my products need to be within a minimum or maximum price to be eligible?
There is no minimum price. Maximum is AUD $5,000 per insured item.
What is the insurance premium % the customer pays?
Usually around 1-2% of the total cart value”
What happens when a customer makes a claim?
The customer goes to our claims website and follows the steps in a simple process. You won’t be involved in the claims process at all.
Will it affect how my store looks?
No, Freighty looks good on any store. Additionally, you can customise the layout of the insurance offering to fit whatever design you think is best.
Who do I contact for support?
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